Entrepreneurship Development Programs

YiEDi Entrepreneurship Development programs are designed to provide innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers with the knowledge and skills required to grow and sustain their business.  The programs are activity-based, interactive and mentor-led  and encourage participation. Our programs main objective is to create a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and game changers to access relevant entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their business. 

Bootcamp  Accelerator Program Supplier Development One-on-One Mentor-Led Program
Overview The YiEDi Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a new program that has been well received and has a high impact. It is an intense program that focus on validating  business concept in the market against the customer value proposition map and the Lean Business Canvas The program is designed to provide start-ups and SME’s with a structured approach through their entrepreneurship development journey. The program is mentor-led and is made up of an educational component that comprises of technical and behavioural learnings, and is culminated by a demo/pitching session to prospective investors. YiEDi has developed a robust Supplier Development program designed to help organisation improve their efficiencies and effectiveness as well as their BEE rating by identifying and developing potential SME’s. The program is designed, developed and implemented in collaboration and requirements of the client. The  mentorship program is highly structured and run co-currently with each of the learning modules. Recent studies have shown that one of the top needs of entrepreneurs is mentoring. YiEDi has developed a mentor-led program that cuts across all its program so that learners can experience personnel attention and have their issues and challenges addressed first hand. Our mentoring team comprise of individuals business, private and public sector whom are subject matter experts.
Duration 3 Days 12 weeks 4 Months (Includes 1 week Supplier Development Bootcamp) On-going
Target Audience Emerging Business, SME, Innovators, Inventors, Game Changers SME’s SME’s Emerging Business, SME, Innovators, Inventors, Game Changers
Delivery Method Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning and  Market Research Interviews Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning and  1 hour Mentor- Led sessions Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning  Face-to Face
No. of Learners 40 20 30 5 learners per Mentor

 Entrepreneurship Development Programs

 3 Day – Entrepreneurial & Innovation Bootcamp

Module 1

 Entrepreneurship  & Innovation

Module 2

Lean Business Model Canvas –  Business Validating

Module 3

Presentation Skill Pitch – Dry Run

Module 4

Pitching Session

 1 Week Supplier Development Bootcamp

Module 1

 Entrepreneurship  & Innovation

Module 2

Entrepreneurship Leadership

Module 3

Critical Thinking

Module 4

Design Thinking

3 Months Accelerator

Module 1

Strategy  Formulation & Innovation

Module 2

Lean Business Canvas Model

Module 3

Sales & Marketing

Module 4

Financial Management

Module 5

 Operational Management

Module 6

Ethics ,  Governance & Risk Management

Module 7

Human Resource Management

Module 8

Supply Chain Management

Module 9

Project Management

Module 10

Personnel Branding & Power Networking

Module 11

Communication Effectiveness

Module 12

Customer Service

 Innovation Consultancy

YiEDi has crafted a full innovation journey solution for a large range of corporate clients. We are also able to link internal innovation journeys with entrepreneurial development and assist companies to achieve their business objectives.  The Seven Steps Model which has been widely published is used for all large scale implementations and  has proven to be highly effective in creating and driving a culture of innovation within organisation.

Innovation Management

Innovation Tools Training

Innovation Facilitation

Innovation Masterclasses


Our Innovation Management program is designed to help organisation create and embed a culture of innovation and use its creativity to introduce new ideas, processes and products. As a result innovation management is a systematic promotion of innovations in organisation using the Seven Steps Model.

The innovation tools training program develops the knowledge and skills needed by those who wish to  acquire a creative mindset and to unlock the creative side of one’s ability. Learners are exposed different tools such as: Lateral Thinking – Concept Extraction, SCAMPER, Braining Writing, Idea Box, Six Thinking Hats. Learners also get to understand Innovation in a much broader context

The Innovation Facilitation program is  designed  to engage learners into meaning conversation using innovation strategic tools such as:

  • Ideation Management
  • Concept/challenge extraction
  • Brain Writing
  • Human Centre Design
  • Idea Box

YiEDi has design an innovation masterclass that focuses on the transfer in the full set innovation tools and techniques. The program is customised according to the maturity level the organisation and designed in collaboration with the organisation. Learners will learn the use case of the tools and how the coach and train others

matter experts.


3 Days

1  Day

1  Day

3 Day Workshop

Target Audience

Leadership, Management, Team leaders, Innovation Champion and staff

Staff, Managers, Innovation Champions

Leadership, Management, Team leaders, Innovation Champion and staff

Managers, Team Leaders and Innovation Champions

Delivery Method

Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning, Gamification

Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning, Gamification

Face-to Face , E-Learning, Video Based Learning, Gamification

Face-to Face E-Learning, Gamification

No. of Learners





 Our Technology Driven Learning Capabilities

YiEDi has evolved its business model in terms of it product offering to keep up with the technology trends around digital learning, video based learning and E-Learning capabilities. We believe in transforming our learners experience through a blended approach when it comes to delivering content in a meaningful and fun way. Since today’s workforces are designed for speed and flexibility, YiEDI has created a training technology capability that allows us to deliver digital learning, video based  and E-learning content in a much faster and cost effective way that allows  for organisations to communicate their processes, products and services using state of the art technology.

Our high quality explainer videos can help organisation communicating, high impact message and engage the audience in a more meaningful way that no other medium can. Our other services include E-Learning Development, Systems Screen Recording  Talking Characters and Scorm Compliant Electronic Assessment. We are able to publish to HTML 5 and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Build & Create Avatars

Custom E-Learning Modules, Assessments & Storyboarding

Green Screen Recording Custom Video Based Training

Designer Corporate Presentation – Cartoon Strips Infographics

Other Services

We also offer the following services that relate to our Youth, Innovation and Entrepreneurship offering:

Strategy Advisory Services:

The strategy advisory services include Enterprise Development scorecard assistance, corporate strategy facilitation (including innovation strategies) as well as CSI and foundation strategy formulation and implementation plans.

Design Thinking Interventions:

Design Thinking is a methodology for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues focused on an improved future result. As a style of thinking, it is the ability to combine empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality to analyse and fit solutions to the context. Design Thinking is similar to Systems Thinking in naming a particular approach to understanding and solving problems. The process in Systems Thinking will provide an accurate picture of reality in an environment so that the natural forces of a system can be utilised in order to achieve the desired results. 

Development Approach


All entrepreneurs will have access to Business Incubation Facilities and support which will be provided by the our strategic partners.  

Blended learning:

We offer virtual, gamification and e-learning content  for entrepreneurs to develop additional skills covered through their classroom interaction and enhance their learning experience.

Mentoring and Coaching:

All our programs are designed and built with a mentorship and coaching stream  that provides one-on-one support to the entrepreneurs. The  duration of each session is one hour and designed around the needs of the individual  and mentors and coaches spend time with entrepreneurs during the program.

Company Registration and Support Services:

Name Reservation, Tax Clearance Support, BBBEE Certification.

Face to Face delivery:

All modules will be delivered in a class room environment.  The course content is of a practical and is interactive in nature and will be delivered by industry practitioners as well as the YiEDI team. 

Showcase/Industry Events:

These events are designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their business to industry experts and other entrepreneurs that provides an essential networking and collaboration platform.

In addition to the traditional classroom training entrepreneurs have the opportunity to attend networking events  designed into each program. These events are designed to create access to market opportunities. entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to showcase their business, product and services. We have recently also introduced a demo day were investors are invited to experience the entrepreneurs products and services first hand.

All programmes are delivered through a blended learning approach with innovation and creativity in mind.

Branding and Website Design Services: